Public Relation in Malaysia During Pandemic and Post-Pandemic: The Way Forward
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chang Peng Kee

Young consumers and their favorite shops: A research teaching nexus

Prof. Kara Chan, Hong Kong Baptist University


An exploratory study was conducted by students taking a course titled “Children as consumers: Marketing to the youth” to investigate the common attributes of brick-and-mortar retail shops liked by young adults using the 7Ps of the marketing mix as a study framework. A convenience sample of 24 young adults aged 20 to 22 was asked to take photos showing the exterior and interior of their favorite shop in Hong Kong. Interviewees explained why they like these shops. Results indicated that the favorite shops of young adults are clothing retailers and stores for snacks. Attributes of favorite shops include stylish product design, cozy physical environment, and technology-assisted/channel-integrated shopping process. Young adults seek taste and artistic presentation in consumption. Self-expression and social communication of consumption plays a major role in retail selection. The study was an example of research teaching nexus that the speaker had been practicing.