With ever changing facets of digital technology radically changing the way in which people communicate and connect with each other or share similar interests, there is a crucial need to foster a sense of belonging and identity. Hence, CMCR aims to advance the scholarly study of human communication by encouraging and facilitating excellence in academic research globally through differing perspective lenses and its impact on society and practice. CMCR also simultaneously aspires to conduct interdisciplinary research in the field of media studies by undertaking cutting-edge research that addresses issues essential in understanding communication processes in an increasingly mediatized society.


  1. To be the referral center that serves as a telescope on media and society and bringing the attitudes and behavior of people into clearer focus  while promoting its role in new media pedagogy and innovative media solutions. 
  2. To increases coverage of vital issues and help establish the need for open access to information. 
  3. To explore areas of expertise by theoretical observations, methods and issues central to knowledge in the field through high impact projects. 
  4. To create an area of study and academic discussion through specific programs to conduct academic research across disciplines, institutions and communities Engage in collaborative links with other institutions of higher learning and research agencies locally and globally.


The center will intensify the use of media and all other capacities of Communication such as Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Advertising and or Event Planning in all aspects of University functions and will enhance the already strong international standing and community outreach through excellent global and community networking.


Don't be shy and reach out to these lovely communication and media heads. They are always up for any good scholarly social science shenanigans.

Dr. Sharon Wilson

Center Chairperson


"This center is just an abstract structure, what makes it great is the people inside it and as the saying goes great individuals are not born great, they grow great, and I hope the center and its community help do just that for every individual passing its doors”

Jullian Khor

Center Secretary


“In CMCR, we bring conceptual ideas, evidence-based research and creative networks all in one”

Mohd Yusof Zulkefli

Center UTAR Kampar Representative


“To achieve great things, we must not only act but also dream; not only plan but also believe, and that is how we will brig the CMCR to fly higher and go beyond average”

Dr. Thanaseelen Rajasakran


“Gives the social sciences an avenue to express bountiful thoughts and ideas in an unfettered and passionate manner without constraint”

Jeevamalar Kumarasamy


“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill the love of learning - Brad Henry”